TV Dude ~ The hidden meaning, explained

TV Dude was one of the first films by Carlos Perez. And for the first time, it's meaning will be revealed.

TV Dude, Produced by Jacob Burns Film Center

The film begins with the introduction of the main character, Tom Thompson. He sits in amongst his trash in a dark room, watching multiple televisions at once. As odd as his setting is, somehow he is in equilibrium. This equilibrium is broken when a TV breaks, forcing him to go out and get another one, cue the 'Getting Dressed Montage'.

What we find out about Tom is that he believes he's in a TV show, with a camera following him. To Tom, he's talking to the camera. To the rest of the world, he's talking to thin air.

His differences cause weird encounters with people, it's a short comedy. Emphasis on short, because they don't last long. Before you know it, Tom reached his destination: the TV Dude Store.

Yeah, quite the TV Store. Anyway, Tom finds his TV and it brings him happiness. Unfortunately, he drops and breaks it. But that doesn't diminish his happiness. In fact, he takes the opportunity for a 70's sitcom punchline: *shrugs with a smirk* 'uh oh'. He continues to talk to the camera, but that doesn't fly well with the clerk. He doesn't hold anything back when he tells Tom that there's nothing [no camera] there. Tom is so struck with the idea that he fumbles his words, trying to muster the argument that there is a camera there. As the two continue to argue over the broken TV, the shot, the frame, the world, dolly's out into a TV screen. The TV is being watched by a man in a dark room, who simply says, "What a stupid movie". 

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 7.51.43 PM.png

So that's it, now for a little explanation on what all of that means.

So to put in a sentence: Tom is a man who was right all along, but not in the way his perspective imagined. Tom believed he was in a TV show, and the world took him for being crazy. But it turns out he was in a TV show. The only difference was that his world was not the TV show, the world was. Is there a little room for morality? Sure, don't let others change your perspective. But the more important question is, who is Tom? Tom is a figure for the people who find peace out of the self-inflicted conflicts that they've come to accept. He accepts his TV problem and lets it consume his life. He let it change him, so he began to believe he was in a TV show.

His problem exposed him to the truth, he just thought the truth was about him. Silly Tom, now you have a TV to pay for.